C.A.R.E. EAP Special Programs and Services

Benefit Overlay:

CARE EAP has experience in providing a unique set of services as liaison and advocate between employees and their mental health insurance benefit. In cases where the organization is self-insured, CARE EAP can develop and maintain an affiliate provider network with the third party administrator, which can be used as a cost benefit for the employee. These structures allow CARE EAP to enhance the existing mental health benefit by rapidly resolving manageable problems and efficiently interacting with the managed care plan to facilitate more intensive treatment when clinically required.

Critical Incident Stress Management:

CARE EAP has experience in responding to traumatic events and critical incidents and specializes in the effects of trauma at the work site. As part of its crisis management services, CARE EAP provides post-trauma intervention following natural disasters, workplace accidents, violence, robbery, acts of terrorism, and catastrophic events. Crisis management services are designed to support management and can include management training to prepare for and respond to workplace trauma.

Critical incidents like the death of an employee or spouse or family member, the diagnosis of serious illness, serious accidents in the workplace, or situations causing fright or extreme discomfort affect all employees. The EAP team will respond immediately to your requests for professional, on the scene meetings with employee groups affected by circumstances such as these.

Optional Legal and Financial Plan Benefit:

CARE EAP has an affiliation with a network of experienced attorneys and licensed financial counselors to offer access to professional and timely advice. The lawyers will provide confidential telephonic consultation on issues including, but not limited to: family law, estate planning, automobile matters, real estate issues, personal injury, and criminal matters. In addition, the employee will receive a special discounted rate on all legal services. Also included is a free customized financial strategy analysis prepared by a licensed financial counselor. An Internet site offers comprehensive information and links to legal and financial resources and literature.




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