Plan Development

plan developmentCSM believes that it is essential to create a customized approach to providing comprehensive quality management services. Instead of simply integrating standardized and/or packaged programs, CSM works collaboratively with each client to develop an individualized plan that accurately reflects the mission and vision of the organization while meeting all regulatory and funding requirements. Upon completing an analysis of current monitoring activities, a set of customized quality assurance audit tools and processes are developed.

The primary purpose of the audit process is to assess regulatory compliance, ascertain best practices among clinical and support services and highlight areas for possible increased effectiveness and/or decreased cost. The resulting protocol then enables an organization to routinely and consistently monitor and report on performance of all essential programs and services. The data generated by these reviews then serves as the foundation for the development of sophisticated quality improvement initiatives. Quality improvement activities can then use the negative indicators generated by audits as opportunities for improvement in both the outcome of a process and the process itself.













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