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Development and implementation of new programming initiatives is an increasingly sophisticated, time-consuming and potentially costly undertaking. For many organizations, especially those impacted by budget and staff restrictions, even the allocation of resources to complete the critical elements of market analysis, program design and business plans can be prohibitive. Consultants from CSM have a proven track record of succesful new program development. From the initial identification and related feasibility studies of new programming ideas to implementation and transitional management, CSM is prepared to work collaboratively with organizations to meet the changing needs of service delivery.

Developmental Approach

CSM’s model for the development of new programming centers around a three phase approach. Each phase in the process is designed to assist an organization with the completion of those critical tasks necessary for the efficient, cost effective and successful implementation of new services. The three phases of activity can be contracted for individually or in combination. If requested, CSM can also adjust the scope of their responsibilities depending upon the availability and skill-area of agency personnel. A brief description of each phase follows.

• Phase I: Program Identification and Business Plan Development

During this activity CSM will:

Perform a preliminary investigation into the current regulatory and licensing requirements associated with the establishment and operation of the identified new program. This review includes exploration of any potential restrictions and/or liabilities connected to funding, especially the ability to bill Medicaid and Medicare.

• Phase II: Program Development and Implementation

Following identification and agreement on the optimized program model and organizational structure, CSM will take a leadership role in the full development and implementation of the new program. In addition to creating all polices and procedures in line with current licensing requirements, CSM will:

Establish required program schedules, operational protocols, documentation guidelines and forms.
CSM will assist in the recruitment and hiring of staff and will provide orientation and training for all agency employees participating in the program.

• Phase III: Transitional Program Management

Following the successful implementation of the program, CSM can:

Continue to provide on-going supervision and support services. During this phase of the contract, direct assistance with the day-to-day operations of the program would gradually transition into a concentrated marketing and community liaison focus.

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